2016-2018 WAJ Board of Directors

President: Brian Douglas
brianTwenty-four years ago, Douglas and a group of automotive writers founded the Western Automotive Journalist organization and since then Brian has helped guide its successful journey. Brian is the automotive editor for Gentry, SV and Ranch & Coast magazines, a former contributing editor for Autoweek, former automotive talk show host at KSFO and is currently an automotive contributor for Bay Area radio and TV stations. Contact Brian at President@WAJ.ORG

Treasurer & Vice President: Michael Coates
MC in SacramentoMichael has worked as the editor in charge of a monthly enthusiast magazine, 4Wheel Off Road Magazine, reporter/photographer for a weekly newsmagazine and a daily newspaper, assistant editor for automotive and motorycle trade magazines as well as freelance work for a variety of publications and broadcast outlets. Currently he isI an editor of the Clean Fleet Report, a consumer website covering the electric car and alternative fuel vehicle space, as well as contributing to magazines such as Innovation & Tech Today, and appearing as an automotive expert on television and radio. Michael has served WAJ as President and Media Day Chair & Co-Chair as well as having organized the Future Cars/Future Technology and Silicon Valley Reinvents the Automobile programs. Contact Michael at Treasurer@WAJ.ORG

Secretary: Jon Rosner
jonrosnerJon is a long time WAJ member who has served not only as membership VP, but has volunteered for extra tasks that have included putting phone banks together to build attendance for our bi-monthly meetings. Contact Jon at Secretary@WAJ.ORG


Executive VP Events: Alex Dykes
alexdykesAlex produces detailed automotive videos for the Alex on Autos YouTube channel and his own website. He is also a regular contributor to The Truth About Cars. As a working journalist covering automotive products and news.  Alex joined WAJ in 2012 and this is his first time serving on the board. His background in technology and technical writing has proven extremely helpful in his career as an automotive journalist. As a result of his prior experience, he enjoys writing and filming pieces that explain modern automotive technology from new transmission designs to the latest infotainment gadgets. Alex says that his recent transition from the written word to video has been a rewarding (and sometimes trying) experience. 
Outside of the journalism world his time is divided between IT consulting, fleet vehicle consulting and a project that will last a lifetime: building his own home in the Santa Cruz Mountains.  Contact Alex at Events@WAJ.ORG

VP Membership: Anton Wahlman
awAnton Wahlman is an investor who makes a living gambling in the stock market, making bets for and against automotive and other companies. In addition, he publishes on technology, automotive and politics for TheStreet and SeekingAlpha. In the past, he was an analyst on Wall Street 1996-2008, focusing on communications technology companies. He pursued his undergraduate studies at Georgetown University and his graduate level studies at Johns Hopkins University.  Contact Anton at Membership@WAJ.ORG

VP Communications: Gary Lieber
gary_lieber_HSGary is a seasoned Silicon Valley Veteran who has held executive positions at major corporations such as Apple and Microsoft, and other valley startups.  A life-long gearhead, he has owned a dealership, and is an avid amateur racer.  Currently he is involved in the electric automobile and autonomous vehicle industry as a consultant and journalist.  He is the founder of the San Francisco Bay LEAF owners club, and is formerly the Porsche Club of America, Zone 7 Concours Chairman.  Gary became interested in automobile journalism several years ago, and currently writes for eBay Motors Blog as well as several EV-centirc blogs.  Contact Gary at Communications@WAJ.ORG

VP Programs: Charlie Vogelheim
charlievogleheimCharlie is a thorough professional in our business, with a background that includes key positions at Kelly Blue Book, J.D. Power and Intellichoice. He’s currently the Editor and Host of Motor Trend Audio.  Charlie recently relocated to his native Marin from Southern California where he was active in developing programs and guest speakers for Motor Press Guild. He has also performed the same tasks for WAJ and currently serves on our Future Cars Future Technology committee. Contact Charlie at Programs@WAJ.ORG