Applications and Renewals

Membership in Western Automotive Journalists is open to any person who is actively working in the field of automotive journalism and is being compensated for that work. Activities that qualify include writing automotive articles, automotive photography, creating automotive related art for publication, and editing and graphic arts on automotive publications. Publications may include newspapers, magazines, books, and public online websites.

To apply for membership, an individual must be sponsored by a current WAJ member and attend a WAJ meeting. He or she should also fill out and transmit a new member application below, submit six separate clips of qualifying journalistic work which has been published and for which the applicant has been monetarily compensated, and mail a check for $50 for the first year’s dues to the organization treasurer. After the application, clips, and dues have been received, the application will be reviewed by the membership committee and accepted or rejected at the next meeting of the WAJ officers.

Each member must renew his or her membership at the beginning of each calendar year. To renew membership, the member must fill out and transmit a renewal application, submit to the Membership VP three clips of work that was published during the previous calendar year and for which the member was monetarily compensated, and send to the WAJ treasurer a check for $50 for annual dues. Membership will be renewed when the renewal application, dues payment, and clips have been received.

Members who for whatever reason are not working during a given calendar year and consequently do not have three examples of published work may renew their membership for the next year. However, to renew their membership after the one year grace period, they must be able to submit at least three examples of published work during the grace year, otherwise their membership will lapse. After membership has lapsed, an individual must re-apply as a new member.

Remember, only active members may participate in Media Days and those memberships must have been either approved by the board or renewed at least one month prior to the event.

Renew Online: Renew Full Membership  or Renew Associate Membership

Clips may be submitted online or by email to the WAJ Membership Vice President. Alternately they may be sent by conventional mail to:
Mike Hagerty, VP Membership, 347 Massol Ave., Apt. 708, Los Gatos, CA 95030.

Checks should be sent to:
Michael Coates
WAJ Treasurer
347 Massol Ave., Apt. 708, Los Gatos, CA 95030
Or payment can be made through WAJ’s Paypal account.

Associate Membership
WAJ Associate Members are people with a serious interest in the culture and business of automobiles and who are opinion leaders in their circles, but are not automotive journalists. Prospective Associate Members must submit with their applications a brief, 50-100 word explanation of why they believe they would make a good WAJ Associate Member and how their activities and interests would contribute to the organization. Applicants must have at least one reference from an existing WAJ member. Associate Members are invited to all WAJ functions except for the annual Media Days, except as guests of full members. WAJ Associate Members are welcome at regular WAJ meetings, and receive the member price for meals. Associate Members do not vote for or serve on the WAJ board of directors.

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