Nominations for 2014 – 2015 WAJ Board of Directors are now open

A message from our interim President Brian Douglas:
I am pleased to announce that nominations for the 2014 – 2015 WAJ Board of Directors are now open. Any WAJ member can nominate any other WAJ member or themselves for any of the Board Positions.   

After serving as your interim president for the past eight months, I’ve learned quite a bit about our venerable organization and envision a great future for WAJ going forward. We’ve accomplished quite a bit and there’s much more to do. I’ve engaged members of WAJ on a few committees and found there are many members who are capable and willing to serve. It is now time to move forward with WAJ and to nominate and elect our 2014-2015 Board of Directors.

In that spirit, I’m pleased to nominate the following slate of members for the WAJ Board of Directors.

Secretary: Larry Rinek
Larry has served well in this capacity, keeping minutes of meetings, correspondence and input on WAJ issues. I’d like your support to retain Larry in this role.

Treasurer: Michael Coates
Michael has done an exemplary job as treasurer, not only keeping our books in order and providing timely P&L reports for events, he has served on committees (currently Future Technology) and always lends a hand when needed. Please support another term for Michael.

Executive VP Events: Alex Dykes
Alex produces detailed automotive videos for the Alex on Autos YouTube channel and his own website. He is also a regular contributor to The Truth About Cars. As a working journalist covering automotive products and news, Alex has professional working relationships with the movers and shakers in the automotive industry. That’s a key qualification for planning events like Media Days. He has attended Media Day events and knows what works well as well as what may need tweaking. Dykes also brings youthful energy and a fresh perspective to WAJ.

VP Membership: Akitomo Sugawara
Aki is the Content Producer/Editor for Yahoo’s automotive portal Motoramic. He is an active member of WAJ and shares our vision to add accredited automotive journalists to our membership roster. Sugawara is well connected with automakers and has opportunities to recruit new members in his travels. Aki would bring a fresh, new perspective to the WAJ board.

VP Publications: Jon Rosner
Jon has served not only as membership VP, but has volunteered for extra tasks that have included putting phone banks together to build attendance for our bi-monthly meetings. Jon enthusiastically supports Sugawara as Membership VP and looks forward to enhancing the WAJ website and our social media portals along with publishing our Media Guide.

VP Programs: Charlie Vogelheim
Charlie is a thorough professional in our business, with a background that includes key positions at Kelly Blue Book, J.D. Power and Intellichoice. He’s currently the Editor and Host of Motor Trend Audio.  Charlie recently relocated to his native Marin from Southern California where he was active in developing programs and guest speakers for Motor Press Guild. He has also performed the same tasks for WAJ and currently serves on our Future Cars Future Technology committee.

Treasurer Michael Coates has nominated Brian Douglas to continue as President of WAJ:
Along with a long history of leadership and participation in WAJ, Brian has demonstrated in his recent term as interim president that he is willing to bring a sense of vision and forward momentum to the group. I feel he has been willing to lead and listen and is dedicated to making WAJ a stronger and better organization. I ask for your support for Brian for a full term.

How can you nominate other WAJ members (or yourself) for any of these positions?  Send your nominations along with a brief statement of qualifications to Larry Rinek no later than July 15, 2014.  . Please be sure that your nomination is willing and able to serve if elected.  If you have questions about the duties of the WAJ Board members or about the nomination and election process, please contact Larry Rinek or Brian Douglas.

The election process will be as follows:

  •  July 15, 2014: Nominations are closed
  • July 18, 2014: Paper ballots will be mailed to all WAJ members in good standing to their address of record.
  • August 4, 2013: Ballots must be received for counting
  • August WAJ meeting: Results announced