Special Movie Preview: Snake & Mongoose

Special Movie Preview:
Snake & Mongoose

August 20, 2013

snake_and_mongooseFollowing up on the highly successful meeting with Maurice Liang and Viper SRT’s Ralph Gilles at Sparky’s Hot Rod Garage, we are pleased to announce a special meeting to preview the upcoming movie, “Snake and Mongoose”.

The movie recounts the true story behind the unlikely partnership between two of the most famous drag racers of the sports early days. The man behind the movie, journalist Alan Paradise, will show clips of the new movie and provide an inside look into its production.

This will be a great opportunity to follow the movies development from a documentary for Mattel to a full theatrical release.

What: Movie Preview & Presentation: “Snake & Mongoose”.

Where: The Basque Cultural Center, South San Francisco

When: Tuesday, August 20, 2013, 6:00pm

Dinner Menu and Cost:

Osso Bucco
Members: In advance $37 / At door $40
Guests: In advance $40 / At the door $42

Chicken / Vegetarian;
Members: In advance $35 / At door $38
Guests: In advance $38 / At door $40

Reservations: Visit www.wajmovie.eventbrite.com to make your reservation and pay for dinner.

See you there.