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The New 2015 Fiat/Chrysler Jeep Renegade Up Close and Personal

jeep_renegadeWAJ members who attended our August, 2014 meeting were treated to a private press introduction of Jeep’s newest and smallest (some describe it as the cutest)  vehicle, the 2015 Renegade.  Read More

Results of the 2014 ~ 2015 WAJ Board of Directors election announced

WAJ-Logo-3-2014At the August 27th WAJ meeting, the new Board of Directors were introduced.  Meet the new Board of Directors.  

Silicon Valley Reinvents the Wheel

How Technology is Transforming Automotive Powertrains, Retail, Connectivity and Autonomous Driving.

1407256895652On October 20th 2014 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View Ca.,C3 and WAJ join forces for an event in the epicenter of innovation that will bring together thought leaders from the auto and tech worlds to discuss not only the future of cars, but also how technology is transforming transportation. The event will feature engaging panel discussions on topics ranging from next-generation powertrains and fuels to 21st Century automotive retail, from cutting-edge in-dash connectivity to self-driving technology, as well as advanced vehicles and product demonstrations from automakers, their technology suppliers and visionaries from Silicon Valley and beyond. Don’t miss this pivotal event. This is your opportunity to gain critical insight into the future of automotive technology. Register here to reserve your space!  WAJ members should pick C3 Media Passes for free access.

Ford’s Confident In Its Aluminum-Intensive 2015 F-150 Because Customers Have Already Tested It.

Ford didn’t decide to make its revolutionary move to an aluminum body in its best-selling F-150 pickups quickly–or without undertaking its most extensive testing program ever. Eric Peterson, the F-150’s marketing manager, detailed Ford’s process with what many in the industry are calling a “game-changing truck” to Western Automotive Journalists members and guests at the June 18, 2014, meeting.  Read More

The WAJ website is getting a makeover!

The WAJ website is in the process of getting an update and makeover and we need your help. If you are interested in contributing content to the site or acting as an site editor, please contact Gary Lieberthe WAJ Website Chairperson.