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Western Automotive Journalists

WAJ (Western Automotive Journalists) is a community of automotive content creators and industry representatives that seeks to make it easier, more interesting, and more fun for both groups to do their jobs. 

WAJ is made up of content creators - journalists, broadcasters, streamers, podcasters, YouTubers, photographers and others - who love to cover cars and the car industry. Founded in the early1990s, we are based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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2023 WAJ Best of the bay WINNERS

WAJ thanks all of the members and manufacturers who participated in the 2023 Best of the Bay in beautiful Sonoma County.  Please make sure your membership info is up to date to stay up to date on future WAJ events, and next year’s Best of the Bay, which is October 14-16, 2024.  Enjoy the slideshow of some of the cars that our members evaluated.

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2024 Best of the Bay - October 14-16, 2024 location To be determined

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