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Western Automotive Journalists

WAJ (Western Automotive Journalists) is a community of automotive content creators and industry representatives that seeks to make it easier, more interesting, and more fun for both groups to do their jobs. 

WAJ is made up of content creators - journalists, broadcasters, streamers, podcasters, YouTubers, photographers and others - who love to cover cars and the car industry. Founded in the early1990s, we are based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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The Latest Updates

WAJ Members at Nvidia GTC24 Preview in March, 2024

WAJ Members attended the the preview of Nvidia’s latest chips. Nvidia founder and CEO Jensen Hoang says they’ll enhance machine learning, and will help spread AI over multiple disciplines, including, of course, transportation.

Nvidia VP of Automotive Enterprise Worldwide Field Ops was one of the execs available to WAJ members. Vehicles to be displayed at GTC24, and presumably, which will benefit from the new chips, included the new Volvo EX90, Mercedes-Benz Concept CLA Class, Polestar 3, WeRide Robobus and Nuro R3 autonomous delivery vehicle.

As the floor space devoted to them at GTC24 suggests, vehicles, and autonomous driving in particular, are a huge market for Nvidia.

WAJ at the Nissan Racing GT4 Briefing in San Jose, CA - Wednesday April 3rd, 2024

1. The GT4 in Race Livery, on display for WAJ Members at the Z-Garage in San Jose.

2. Nissan’s Dean Case and Z-Garage proprietor and California’s top Z-enthusiast Rob Fuller hosted WAJ for the GT4 preview.

3. Nissan Racing’s Greg Nelson shows off Nissan’s Nismo GT4, Nissan’s “Race car that’s for sale to the public.” Speeding ticket payments not included.

All images courtesy of Doug Berman

2023 WAJ Best of the bay WINNERS

WAJ thanks all of the members and manufacturers who participated in the 2023 Best of the Bay in beautiful Sonoma County.  Please make sure your membership info is up to date to stay up to date on future WAJ events, and next year’s Best of the Bay, which is October 14-16, 2024.  Enjoy the slideshow of some of the cars that our members evaluated.

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2024 Best of the Bay - October 14-16, 2024 location To be determined

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