About WAJ

WAJ (Western Automotive Journalists) is a group of writers, authors, broadcasters, photographers, artists and designers who share a common thread: we’re passionate about the auto industry and the vehicles it produces.

WAJ is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and it has grown from its roots in the early 1990s into an organization with global influence. We’re proud of how far we’ve come, and WAJ owes its standing to the talent and dedication of our members.

Certain criteria must be met to be a WAJ member. You must be published regularly in recognized media, and you must be compensated for your work. Once accepted into WAJ, you must validate your credentials on a yearly basis.

WAJ members receive many rewards, the highest of which is participation in our annual Media Days in Monterey, CA. There we bring together media professionals and industry executives to compare notes and drive a wide variety of exciting cars and trucks.

The venues range from road drives to a challenging off-road park and culminate in a day at the track – the legendary WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca. All this is against a backdrop of stunning Monterey scenery. No wonder our members view Media Days as an essential annual rite of automotive journalism.

WAJ also has bi-monthly meetings hosting key industry representatives to discuss the latest products, news and trends. Jim Press, David Powers, Francois Castaing and many others have graced WAJ’s podium, and many more await in the wings.

Think you have what it takes to be a WAJ member? Here’s the application. We consider work from writers, editors, photographers, illustrators and artists who are compensated to create content for newspapers, magazines, books and/or websites.